“A Tale of Two Outcries”

Inspired by Frances E. W. Harper’s “A Rallying Cry” (1891)

Beloved children of the future,
The destination of our prosperity and identity arises today
Your voice and actions lead as troopers,
Amongst those who stand in our way.

Go, march with your companions;
As we stand tall,
Proclaim from the mountain tops and imagine
For glory shall come and heroes we'll be called. 

I hear the screams of pain,
Caused by those who serve to protect
Announce their names,
For justice and peace we must correct

No longer will we be victimized,
From the sounds of disgrace based on race
Amid our endeavor, we will appear dignified
Finally embraced with grace.

From our homes we hear those disputed,
With chants of discontent:
“Are you stupid” 
Should I just relent?

With the sight of constant brutality,
I reminisce upon what I may miss;
Many told me to yield based on my irrationality,
To stay home from these “thugs” who must be dismissed.

With courage, strength, and dignity,
I stand with might;
That honor, truth, and justice arrives instantly
So, “Why is the Black Lives Matter my fight?”

Amongst those who stand with me and I with them,
The future of eternal virtue must be won;
As no equality for some is none for everyone
So stand with affirmations of equality to arise.

When surrounded by darkness, we are the light  
As humans we must ignite our voice
For change is to occur tonight
It’s no longer a choice, but everyone’s fight.