Ochre Caceres
Jose Zarate
Tiffany Solano

rootz is a film that explores the world of murals and street art in South Central Los Angeles and their role in creating cultural pride,  documenting history, and forming community.  Inspired by Iola Leroy, we expanded the literature of the past into the present world of art and creation, hoping, as both Harper and Iola herself did, to bind communities together by unfolding the inner artist within ourselves. Our film features three POC muralists who recount their experiences as artists growing up in Los Angeles. After conducting interviews that gave us a picturesque image of their process, we delved into various neighborhoods to capture the scenes that hold great importance to their artistic success.
We took the challenge a step further by getting our own brushes and canvasses ready, unfolding a world of color and power that comes into being when we create together. Rootz tells the story of how we can unleash the vibrant beauty of mural art in South Los Angeles through the connections we build with like-minded artists who share our same passion for culture, change, and love.

Rootz would like to thank the film’s feature artists, Dalila Paola Mendez, Moses Ball & Brittney Price.

“To bind anew the ties which slavery had broken and gather together the remnants of his scattered family became the earnest purpose of Robert's life.”