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South LA Hubs

Pride & Prejudice: South LA

A Tale of Two Outcries

Beloved Wheels, Love S.A.N.S.

Rent Free

Color Coded

Borders Between My Mother and I

rootz, a film about three LA-based artists and how they inspired three teens to take up their own brushes and paint the town. Art is the force that binds South Central history and families together.

Filmmakers: Emmely Caceres, Jose Zarate, Tiffany Solano.
South LA Hubs, a film about the hope and comfort that Brown infrastructure brings to South LA, the home of five Brown teens.  Even under a pandemic, the neighborhood church, theater, market, park and mall continue to be the places they feel they belong. 

Filmmakers: Juan Barrios, Jesus Castro, Edward Chanquin, Vanessa Rodriguez, Leah Valencia
Pride and Prejudice: South LA, a film that challenges the prejudice that silences persons of color and the pride they feel when claiming who they truly are. The film is about self-love expressed in our gratitude for our environment, our families and being ourselves. 

Filmmakers: Katie Marcial, Aaliyah Richards, Heidi Tellez, Dina Villegas
A Tale of Two Outcries, a film about standing with the Black Lives Matter global movement from the perspective of two young Latinx males’ experiences participating in the protests this summer. A Tale of Two Outcries why #BLM is also our fight.

Filmmakers: Matthew Diaz, Juan Serrano, Gabriel Solis
Beloved Wheels, Love SANS, a film tribute to World on Wheels, an iconic skating rink and center for Black LA culture. Through the rink’s struggle to survive riots, bankruptcy, gentrification, and now, the 2020 pandemic, the film tells a story of memory, love, loss and the future.

Filmmakers: Shandela Contreras, Seacrest Dixon, Andy Gonzalez, Nathael Torres
Rent Free, a film about South LA displacement, both physical and emotional. What lies behind the glamour of LA are real-life struggles that come with gentrification.  We ask, why are we being pushed out of our homes? And, how can we take them back?

Filmmakers: Alexandra Delgado, Emely Gramajo, Ingrid Hernandez, Perla Hernandez, Delilah Martinez, Mariana Moreno.
Color Coded:  In the city of Los Angeles, citizens are divided into four sectors: white, white-passing, mixed, and dark. In order to be placed, citizens must be evaluated once they reach coming of age. Yet when four teenage friends go through their own evaluations,  they unravel the lies a racist society hides. 

Filmmakers: Ashley Segura, Katelyn Moore, Jagroop Ghuman, Mariah Smith
Borders Between My Mother and I: A film about the borders that stand between mothers and their children in crossing the US-Mexico border, and the feelings coming from that experience: the heartbreak in visiting a grave, the pain of a legal status that prevented reunion, the joy of seeing one’s  mother after many long years. 

Daniela Castanon, Jacqueline Mendoza, Felicity Salinas